Spectroscopy is a physical exploratory tool in the electromagnetic spectrum. Spectroscopy allows the investigation of physical structure and electronic structure of material. It is used in the fields of physics, biology, chemistry and astronomy.

 Spectrometers measure the properties of light for different applications such as fluorescence, environmental or chemical analysis and Raman applications. Spectrometers consist of detectors which detect spectral lines and also measure the wavelength and intensity of the spectral lines. Spectrometers are great for detecting weak light signals and testing the efficiency of optical filters.

We can offer many kinds of spectrometers, including Raman spectrometers and fluorescence spectrometers. Fluorescence Spectrometers are used in low light fluorescence applications helping detect weak signals for accurate measurement. Raman spectrometers are used in Raman applications in visible to near infrared light.

Spectroscopy products can be divided as follows:

Detector: Cooled CCD systems, Gated ICCD systems, Linear InGaAs systems, Photodiode array systems, Raman spectroscopy systems, portable & compact Spectrometers.

Optics: Spectrographs, Holographic volume spectrograph/grating, Notch filter, Tunable filters.

Software: Spectroscopy software, Colorimeter software.

Turn key Systems: Raman spectroscopic, FTIR, Fluorescence lifetime, Laser marking, Gas sensors, Led-tester, UV-absorption, Laser simulators, Photolithography, Solar simulators.