Cameras and imaging

Cameras are imaging components which interface with imaging lenses. Cameras are used in order to capture data from images from specific object or location for different imaging applications. Cameras imaging applications vary between machine vision, entertainment, industrial inspection, logistics, medical imaging, multimedia, scientific imaging, security & Traffic or factory automation.

In order to display images on a monitor the cameras are using a wide range of video outputs. For imaging focused light, cameras have special designed sensors.

We offer digital cameras and analog cameras with a wide range which are designed for many imaging applications, including industrial applications and video microscopy. Cameras are offered with different sensor formats, such as CMOS or CCD types suitable for most camera imaging application.

We provide most types of scientific and industrial cameras such as microscope cameras, high speed cameras, hyperspectral cameras, multispectral cameras, USB cameras, USB3.0 CMOS, USB2.0 CMOS, windowless cameras, camera Lenses, camera Accessories, CCD Line Cameras, line scan camera lenses and more.