Detectors and sensors

Detectors measure illumination of light sources for a number of spectrometry or optical applications. Inside the detectors there are arrays of photodetectors or photodiodes which transmit electrical current. Using detectors makes measurement of light characteristics possible as other devices fail to measure these characteristics. We can also offer number of photodiodes with linked amplifier capabilities for a better measurement capacities.

Optical sensors are electronic detectors which convert light into electronic signals. Electro-optical sensors can detect electromagnetic radiation from different wavelengths: from infrared up to ultraviolet wavelengths. Electr-optical sensors are being used in many applications, such as:

LED Light Bulbs, with built-in sensors, which turn on automatically when the sun goes down and turn off when the sun rises.

Through-beam Sensors, or Position sensors, which activate when a light beam is interrupted.

Flash detection systems, that synchronize photographic flashes one with the other.

Photoelectric sensors, which are devices that detect distance, absence, or presence of objects using a photoelectric receiver and a light transmitter.

Among the sensors and detectors we offer you can find: Radiation sensors, Electron & ion sensors, Distance & position sensors, Application-specific sensors and more.