Optical filters

Optical Filters are devices, made of glass plane or plastic, that transmit or reject a certain wavelength or range of wavelengths. Optical filters can be divided into two categories: dichroic filters and absorptive filters. Dichroic filters, or interference filters, are color filters used to selectively and accurately pass light of a small range of colors while reflecting other colors. Absorptive filters are glass filters which allow light of certain wavelengths to pass through and to filter unwanted wavelengths. They are useful for transmitting long wavelengths and blocking shorter ones.

Optical filters can pass short wavelengths only (shortpass filters), long wavelengths only (longpass filters), or a band of wavelengths, blocking both long and short wavelengths (bandpass filters). The bandpass can be narrow or wide.

We offer a variety of Optical Filters for different applications, including notch, edge, dichroic, interference (NBP, LP, SP, WBP), color glass, Holographic notch, Dielectric, UV-VIS-IR, High power (optical), band-pass filters, uv filters, long-pass, short pass, spectral shaping, photopic filters, linear variable, order sorting, coating, transparent conductive oxides, bandpass interference, color substrate, or ND. Optical Filters are used in applications such as clinical chemistry, machine vision inspection, fluorescence microscopy, life science, imaging, industrial, spectroscopy, or defense industries.