Light guides

There are fiber optic light guides and liquid light guides.

Fiber optic light guides transmit illumination which is used for imaging or microscopy applications. Fiber optic light guides are flexible and are made of high transmission glass fibers. There are several varieties of fiber optic light guides, such as flexible fiber optic bundles or fiber optic ring light guides.

Liquid light guides are like a single silica fiber with a large diameter. Liquid light guides transmit light with total reflectance using all the space available to deliver light with much greater intensity to the target object. The material of liquid light guides is liquid core and polymer tube, which allow the light guide to be bent without breaking. Liquid light guides are great solution for applications with uniform and high-intensity light.

We offer standard light guides and also custom made light guides. Among our light guides you can find: straight light guide, multi-bundle, ring shaped, line Shaped, surface emitting, quartz, dual branch, flexible, liquid, semi-rigid and more!