Optical lens is an optical component that focuses or diverges light beams. There are simple lenses made of a single element and there are compound lenses which consist multiple simple lenses. Lenses are made by grounding, polishing or molding to a certain shape. The material of an optical lens can be glass or plastic mostly. Optical Lenses are used in many applications such as microscopy, laser processing, life sciences, industry, imaging and defense.

For applications of color correction, Achromatic Lenses are suitable. For correcting spherical aberration, Aspheric Lenses are suitable. For focusing light, Plano-Convex (PCX) or Double-Convex (DCX) lens are suitable. For diverging light, Plano-Concave (PCV) or Double-Concave (DCV) lens are suitable. For transmitting Ultraviolet (UV), Fused Silica lens is suitable. For transmitting infrared (IR) spectrum, Germanium (Ge), Silicon (Si) or Zinc Selenide (ZnSe) lenses are suitable.

We can offer lenses with different kinds of coating for Ultraviolet (UV), visible, or Infrared (IR) spectrums.

We offer a wide variety of high precision lenses used in Machine Vision and CCTV Surveillance. Lenses include Megapixel, Day and Night, 1 inch format, line scan with f-Mount, F0.95, 3CCD camera, UV, Telecentric, TV Macro, Micro Head, Scanner and Projection Zoom.

Some of the lenses we can offer are: Macro lens, Telecentric lens, IR corrective lens, High and super high, resolution lens, Mega pixel lens, Pinhole lenses, Manual zoom lens, Aspherical varifocal lens, Vari focal lens and more.