Quartz products

Quartz is a crystalline mineral which is hard and crafted from naturally occurring crystalline quartz or silica grains. Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen atoms and is high temperature resistant. Quartz is not to be confused with fused silica which is synthetic material crafted from silicon gas or silica sand (non-crystalline). The structures and creation of quartz and fused silica are different as well as their performances.

We provide quartz products for semiconductor industry, diamond industry, diode industry, academic units, scientific research units for experiments, optoelectronic industry, LED industry, solar energy industry and more.

We offer standard items such as optical quartz windows in certain sizes or quartz tubes. We also offer custom made quartz products that meet our customers needs. As quartz has a high temperature resistance many customers prefer to have custom made quartz parts in their systems.

Among quartz products we offer you can find: quartz glass tubes, quartz glass plates, quartz twin tubes, quartz apparatus, quartz crucible, coated quartz glass, quartz heating elements, quartz lamp, quartz glass rod, fused quartz and more.