Optomechanics and motion control

Optomechanics and motion control.

Optomechanics serves a wide range of optical applications by providing mounting or positioning options. Some of the devices in Optomechanics are optical breadboards or tables, translation stages, optical mounts or other components used to construct optical systems. Optomechanical devices help to increase the stability and accuracy of the mounted optical devices and by that increasing the efficiency of optical systems. Optical mounts, for example, are used to secure optical components. Optical tables, translation stages and breadboards, used in optical laboratory, are stabilizing and positioning accurately optical components and by that creating great working area for optical purposes.

We offer wide range of Optomechanics which are ideal for many optical applications. Optomechanical accessories or adapters, which increase system compatibility, modularity and versatility, are available upon demand. Kinematic mounts or translation stages help to ease system adjustment or positioning.

Here is a more detailed list of the optomechanics we offer:

Optical Tables and Breadboards
Brackets & Rails
Base Mounts & Accessories
Optical Mounts
Optical Positioners
Base Positioners
Translation & Rotation Stages
Motorized Positioners & Controllers
Fine Adjustment Screws
Tube System
Optical Cage System
Benchtop Optical Mounts
Benchtop System
Motorized Translation Stages
Manual Translation Stages and Slides
Irises and Apertures
Related accessories