Glass and coating

There are different types of glass suitable for a variety of applications. Today, glass of various types is widely used for various purposes in the medical, scientific, industrial, military, civil, construction, transportation, solar energy, communications fields and more.

In some applications it is necessary to coat the glass with a suitable coating. We offer both the different glass and different types of coatings such as: extreme ultraviolet coating, transparent conductive coating, High reflectivity (HR) coating, laser harmonic separators, broadband HR and partial reflecting (PR) coating, anti-reflection (AR) coating, dual band and triple band AR coating, broadband (BBAR) and metallic coating, dichroic coating, polarizing optics coating and more.

We can offer in different sizes and thickness per customer’s request and needs. We can also offer glass in special shape according to a detailed drawing. We supply glass for mass production and also small number of units upon request.
Some of the glasses we offer are:

Lead glass – glass with lead for x-ray shielding.
Fire glass – fireproof glass for doors and windows.
Optical glass – such as UV glass, BK7 glass, IR glass and more.
Quartz glass – For applications with high temperatures.
Armored bulletproof glass – Transparent, crystal clear resistant glass.

Please contact us for any glass you are looking for.