Light sources

Light sources are objects that emit light. For example, when we look on the moon we know that it is white because light reaches our eyes and transfers us the information that it is white color. Light is electromagnetic radiation and a form of energy produced from a source, which is called Light source in physics.

Artificial Light Sources can be divided into three categories:

Luminescent Sources

Luminescence is emission of light by a substance not by heat. It is a form of cold-body radiation. It can be emitted by electrical energy, chemical reactions or subatomic motions.

Incandescent Sources

These are objects that start emitting light (infrared and visible light) when heated to high temperature.

Gas Discharge Sources

Light can be produced by passing electricity through gas.

Among the light sources we offer you can find: xenon light sources, solar simulators, quartz/tungsten/halogen, xenon, deuterium, black body, calibrated, tunable light sources, fluorescence light sources, LED- and QTH-based illumination solutions, halogen, UV and LED light sources, plasma sources, super luminescent diodes (SLDs) and more.