Radiation protection

Radiation protection products are needed in places where there are x-ray machines, CT (computed tomography) scanners or PET (Positron emission tomography) scanners. Dangerous X-rays can penetrate walls, windows and doors. It is therefore necessary to protect not only the human body but also the walls, windows and doors around the device that emits X-rays. In order to perform this task we offer lead sheets for coating the walls and doors, leaded glass windows and lead curtains. There are different radiation levels and therefore a different lead thickness is needed depending on the radiation level.

For those who must stay inside the space where there is radiation we offer clothing with lead. There are clothing products for all body parts, from boots, pants / robe, lead apron, lead gloves, lead collar, lead goggles and lead hat.

In some cases a portable radiation shield is needed. For these situations we have to offer portable protectors with or without a window. There are cases where the person must stay in a space where there is radiation but the clothing is not thick enough to provide adequate protection. In such cases permanent or portable partitions (with or without a window) can be used which provide the required level of protection.

Among the radiation protection products we offer you can find: x-ray radiation shielding, lead sheets, lead glass, mobile lead boards, radiation lead clothing, radiation lead curtains, laser safety goggles, laser blocking curtain and more!