Electro-optics is actually the same as what is called today: photonics.

It is the physical science of light generation, detection, and manipulation through transmission, emission, signal processing, modulation and sensing. Electro-optics is covering whole spectrum of light, however it’s technical applications are in the range of near-infrared light and visible.

Some of the electro-optics devices are: lasers, light detectors, semiconductor light emission, screens, infrared imaging, optical fibers and optical communication devices.

Applications of electro-optics include most advanced science and everyday life use. Common applications in electro-optics are: photonic computing, lighting, light detection, military technology, metrology, spectroscopy, holography, medicine (surgery, vision correction, robotics, endoscopy, health monitoring), biophotonics, laser material processing, information processing, art diagnostics (involving InfraRed Reflectography, Xrays, UltraViolet fluorescence, XRF), telecommunications and agriculture.

More detailed applications are:

Sensors: sensors for consumer electronics and LIDAR.

Entertainment: holographic art, laser shows and beam effects.

Medicine: laser surgery, correction of eyesight, surgical endoscopy and tattoo removal.

Consumer equipment: CD/DVD/Blu-ray devices, barcode scanner, printer and remote control devices.

Construction: smart structures, laser leveling and laser range finding.

Military: navigation, command and control, search and rescue, mine laying and detection and IR sensors.

Industrial manufacturing: laser marking, laser welding, laser drilling and laser cutting.

There are much more applications in electro-optics so please feel free to contact us.