Optical devices are devices, or parts of devices, which help to analyze, manipulate, or detect light, such as mirrors, optical fibers, lenses, refractors, filters, and prisms.

We provide various optics products that meet the needs of different customers. You can use our services from the beginning of the planning process. If you have an idea in the optical field and you need advice and guidance to find the product that will meet your needs, we would be happy to help you design the product or system that will meet your requirements. We provide optics in small quantities and also for mass production.

Some of the optics we provide are:
Optical Substrates: Quartz Substrates Plates Wafers, BK7 Substrates Plates Wafers, Glass Crystal Disc Washer Rim Groov, Float Glass Windows, ITO FTO AZO Glass Slides PET, Sapphire Substrates Windows Tubes, Schott Glass Windows Slabs Substrat, Glass Slides, Glass Diffusers, Grooved Glass Substrates and Silicon Coated Glass Substrates.

Optical Crystals Ceramics: Laser Crystals Ceramics, Sapphire Crystal Substrates, Crystal Quartz Substrates, Silicon Wafers Substrates Windows, Germanium Wafers, MgF2 Crystal Substrates, MgO TiO2 Crystal Substrates, YVO4 Crystal Substrates, YAG Crystal Substrates, LiNbO3 Crystal Substrates, CaF2 BaF2 Crystal UV IR Raman Grade, Crystal Optics Packaging Boxes and
Cr YAG Crystals Passive Q Switch.

Optical Windows: B270, BaF2, CaF2, Ge, MgF2, N-BK7, KBr, Sapphire, Silicon, NaCl, UV Fused Silica, ZnSe and ZnS.

Optical lenses: Spherical Plano Convex Lenses, Spherical Plano Concave Lenses, Spherical Bi Convex Lenses, Spherical Bi Concave Lenses, Cylindrical Lens Meniscus Lens, Aspheric Lens Powell Lens Axicon Lens, Achromatic Lenses, Ball Lens Half Ball Lens.

Optical mirrors: Broadband Dielectric Mirrors, Au Ag Al Cu Coating Mirrors, High Reflection Laser Mirrors, Cavity Output Mirrors, Cavity Input Mirrors, Dichroic Mirrors Filters, Concave Dielectric Mirrors, Dome Mirrors.

Optical prisms: Right Angle Prisms, Corner Cube Retroreflector Prisms, Roof Penta Prisms, Dove Prisms, Wollaston Prisms, Dispersion Prisms, Coupling Prisms, Prism Wedges, Non Standard Prism Mirrors.

Optical beamsplitters: Non Polarization Beamsplitter Cube, Non Polarization Beamsplitter Plate, Laser Line Beam Splitter Plate, Polarization Beamsplitter Cube, Membrane Pellicle Beamsplitter, Standard Cube Beamsplitter.

Optical waveplates: Achromatic Waveplates, Zero Order Waveplates, Low Order Waveplates, Broadband Polymer Waveplates, Phase Retardation Plates, Berek Compensator Plates.

Optical polarizers: Linear Sheet Polarizers, Crystal Polarizers, Thin Film Polarizers.