About us

We market in Israel products in the following fields: electro-optics, optics, optomechanics and motion control, fiber optics, light sources, light guides, LEDs, imaging and cameras, detectors and sensors, optical filters, lasers and laser safety products, crystals, spectroscopy, electronics,  Lenses, medical devices, radiation protection, quartz products, glass and coatings and also other products.

We work with many customers in Israel, such as: high-tech companies, medical-scientific instrumentation companies, research laboratories, universities, project management companies, factories, hospitals, clinics, the military, engineering companies, contractors, architects and other professionals.

We have a wide range of products to offer and we also assist in the import processes to Israel. If you need an item or product that does not belong to the areas listed here, you are still welcome to contact us and we will try to help you find the right manufacturer.

We will be happy to be at your service.