Optical fibers

Fiber Optics, or optical fibers, are the main component in data transmission or light guide applications. When used in light guide applications, optical Fibers transmit safe, no-heat light, which is great for display, medical, inspection and automotive applications. Optical fiber bundles are good for transmitting large quantities of data for telecommunication applications. Single optical fiber transmits light, even when bent, with minimal light loss over long distance.

We offer a variety of Fiber Optics, including jacketed or unjacketed optical grade or communications grade Optical Fibers. Communications grade Optical Fiber will provide optimal visible light transmission for digital or analog links. Optical grade Optical Fiber is great for many industrial lighting or short distance data transmission. Jacketed Optical Fiber increases durability while decreasing stray light. We also offer Optical Fiber components, including patchcords, collimators, faceplates, or the tools needed for cutting or stripping Optical Fibers.

Among the fiber optics we offer you will find: safety fibers, pure fused silica/F-doped fused silica with different buffers and Jacket, Silica / silica fiber with hermetic carbon layer, pure fused silica/F-doped fused silica for applications from UV-C to IR-B, Ge-Doped fused Silica/F-doped fused silica with different Buffers and Jacket, Silica/ silica non-circular core fiber, Pure fused silica/Hard Polymer with different Jacket, Silver halide fiber, Fiber bundles, Multi-fiber assemblies, Fiber cables, Single-fiber assemblies, Fiber taper products, Flexible Silica Capillary Tubing and more!