Price list

Below price list does not show all lead glass sizes we can offer. It is just that you can have an idea of our prices. Please contact us for any size you are looking for and we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

SizePrice in USD
600X600X2mmpb(10mm)  300
600X800X2mmpb(10mm)  380
600X1000X2mmpb(10mm)  530
600X1200X2mmpb(10mm)  720
600X1400X2mmpb(10mm)  1100
800X1000X2mmpb(10mm)  600
800X1200X2mmpb(10mm)  720
800X1400X2mmpb(10mm)  1100
800X1600X2mmpb(10mm)  1300
1000X1000X2mmpb(10mm)  800
1000X1200X2mmpb(10mm)  900
1000X1400X2mmpb(10mm)  1200
1000X1600X2mmpb(10mm)  1300
1000X1800X2mmpb(10mm)  1600
1000X2000X2mmpb(10mm)  1800
1200X1200X2mmpb(10mm)  1300
1200X1400X2mmpb(10mm)  1500
1200X1600X2mmpb(10mm)  1750
1200X1800X2mmpb(10mm)  2100
1200X2000X2mmpb(10mm)  2450
1200X2200X2mmpb(10mm)  3600
1200X2400X2mmpb(10mm)  3600
Price list for lead glass

Above prices do not include shipping cost to your country. Please let us know your location and the nearest air port or the nearest sea port and we will send you a quote for the shipping cost.