Radiation Shielding Products

We supply not only x-ray lead glass but a large variety of radiation shielding products. Lead Glass allows the medical staff to view safely patients through lead glass windows during x-ray imaging examinations.

Application: Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology Centers and Industrial X-Ray Shielding in certain circumstances. Lead glass (including x-ray safety glass) we offer meets applicable requirements of different government health ministries.

Except standard lead glass, we can offer insulated x-ray glass units, lead glass discs, internal mini blind units, curved x-ray glass, one-way mirrored x-ray glass,frosted x-ray glass, laminated x-ray glass, x-ray privacy Glass and related accessories.

Now, besides lead glass, we also offer a full-line of X-ray protective products: X-ray protective door window series (applied in X-ray diagnosis, X-ray Room, CT scanning, intervene treatment room; Nuclear medical room); Nuclear medical protective series, radiation intervention study protective series; lead sticky series; medical radiation treatment protective series of ECT/PET; protective equipment series of linear accelerator and the industrial machine protective series of flaw detection.

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