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Lasers : high quality lasers

Lasers : high quality lasers. We offer many types of lasers, lasers for scientific use and lasers for industrial use. Our suppliers from around the world also produce custom-made lasers so that the laser can fit your needs. You are welcome to contact us about any laser you are looking for even if it is not listed below. We supply lasers to universities, laboratories, medical companies, high tech companies, IDF and others.

Below is a partial list of lasers we offer:

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DPSS Laser

Diode laser

Fiber Laser


High Stability Laser

Low Noise Laser

SLM Laser

Wavelength Tunable Laser

High Power Laser

High Energy Laser

Qswitched Pulsed Laser

Mode locked & Picosecond laser

OEM Laser

Fiber Coupled Laser

High Frequency Modulated Laser

Line Lasers


Solid state:

Laser diodes, Laser diode modules, Picosecond lasers, Femtosecond lasers, Diode pumped, Ti: Sapphire, Nd:YAG, Nd:Glass, Er:YAG, Dye, Tunable, VCSEL..


Nitrogen, Miniature nitrogen, HeNe, CO2, CO, Argon air-cooled, Excimer miniature.


Femtosecond laser-based microfabrication,fs laser workstations for microfabrication, Femtosecond laser workstations for microfabrication

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