Dome Mirrors – מראת כיפה

Dome Mirrors – מראת כיפה

Dome Mirrors - מראת כיפה
Dome Mirrors – מראת כיפה

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מפרט לדוגמא

Substrate Material: N-BK7 glass
Mirror/Lens Design: Half-ball configuration
Outer Diameter(Half-ball): 80.0, -0.5/+0.0mm
Radius of Curvature (ROC): 40.0,+/-0.1mm
Bottom Height/OD 10.0,+/-0.2mm (outer diameter: 80.0,-0.5/+0.0mm)
Surface Quality: 60-40 S/D
Surface Acuracy: <Lambda/4 @633nm over 25.4mm area of surface
Dome Surface Coating: Aluminum coating, SiC protected surface; Reflection: R>85% average over 400-2000nm
Base Plate: BK7 glass; Dia 90.0,-0.0/+0.5mm x Thk 6.0,+/-0.2mm Polished/clear surfaces; Base glass cemented with dome mirror body(upper surface comes with PAL coating as well)

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