Lead glass 2400×1100 mm | X-ray lead glass 2400mmx1100mmx2mmpb

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X-ray lead protection products

Lead glass 2400×1100 mm | X-ray lead glass 2400mmx1100mmx2mmpb

lead glass x-ray protectionlead glass x-ray protection

We can provide large lead glass window in size 2400mm x 1100mm x 2mmpb

Several hospitals already ordered x-ray lead glass window in this size

We can provide this size of glass with different thickness like 3mmpb, 4mmpb, 5mmpb and more

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We can also provide other sizes as well as follows

Size Size
1600X1000X15mm 160cm x 100cm   1600X1000X10mm 160cm x 100cm
1500X1000X15mm 150cm x 100cm 1500X1000X10mm 150cm x 100cm
1500X900X15mm 150cm x 90cm 1500X900X10mm 150cm x 90cm
1200X900X15mm 120cm x 90cm 1200X900X10mm 120cm x 90cm
1200X800X15mm 120cm x 80cm 1200X800X10mm 120cm x 80cm
1200X600X15mm 120cm x 60cm 1200X600X10mm 120cm x 60cm
1000X800X15mm 100cm x 80cm 1000X800X10mm 100cm x 80cm
900X600X15mm 90cm x 60cm 900X600X10mm 90cm x 60cm
800X600X15mm 80cm x 60cm 800X600X10mm 80cm x 60cm
700X500X15mm 70cm x 50cm 700X500X10mm 70cm x 50cm
600X400X15mm 60cm x 40cm 600X400X10mm 60cm x 40cm
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