Cheap lead glass for X-ray protection – passed strict tests and has quality certificates

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X-ray lead protection products

Cheap lead glass for X-ray protection – passed strict tests and has quality certificates

Cheap lead glass for X-ray protection - passed strict tests and has quality certificates
Cheap lead glass for X-ray protection – passed strict tests and has quality certificates

Lead glass x-ray protection

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lead protective products
lead protective products
We have a factory in China that manufactures quality lead glass with official certificates but for a low price.
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We supplied to hospitals, army, health clinics, industrial companies and more.
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More and more customers are starting to use lead glass windows for different applications around the world.
We are a major provider of x-ray and radiation protective lead glass shielding products worldwide. Specialty Ray-Bar x-ray and radiation protective lead glass is utilized when a clear view and radiation shielding is of absolute priority in diagnostic, therapy, isotopic, or nuclear radiation sources. It is used for radiation shielding in medical treatment, imaging, testing, inspection, experimentation or energy production.
We offer lead glass in a variety of standard sizes to meet the needs of nearly any application. We also offer custom size lead glass. Quotes for custom size leaded glass are available upon request.
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cheap lead glass
cheap lead glass

We also provide lead glass in the following sizes:

Size Size
1600X1000X20mm 160cm x 100cm 1600X1000X12mm 160cm x 100cm
1500X1000X20mm 150cm x 100cm 1500X1000X12mm 150cm x 100cm
1500X900X20mm 150cm x 90cm 1500X900X12mm 150cm x 90cm
1200X900X20mm 120cm x 90cm 1200X900X12mm 120cm x 90cm
1200X800X20mm 120cm x 80cm 1200X800X12mm 120cm x 80cm
1200X600X20mm 120cm x 60cm 1200X600X12mm 120cm x 60cm
1000X800X20mm 100cm x 80cm 1000X800X12mm 100cm x 80cm
900X600X20mm 90cm x 60cm 900X600X12mm 90cm x 60cm
800X600X20mm 80cm x 60cm 800X600X12mm 80cm x 60cm
700X500X20mm 70cm x 50cm 700X500X12mm 70cm x 50cm
600X400X20mm 60cm x 40cm 600X400X12mm 60cm x 40cm
Size Size
1600X1000X15mm 160cm x 100cm 1600X1000X10mm 160cm x 100cm
1500X1000X15mm 150cm x 100cm 1500X1000X10mm 150cm x 100cm
1500X900X15mm 150cm x 90cm 1500X900X10mm 150cm x 90cm
1200X900X15mm 120cm x 90cm 1200X900X10mm 120cm x 90cm
1200X800X15mm 120cm x 80cm 1200X800X10mm 120cm x 80cm
1200X600X15mm 120cm x 60cm 1200X600X10mm 120cm x 60cm
1000X800X15mm 100cm x 80cm 1000X800X10mm 100cm x 80cm
900X600X15mm 90cm x 60cm 900X600X10mm 90cm x 60cm
800X600X15mm 80cm x 60cm 800X600X10mm 80cm x 60cm
700X500X15mm 70cm x 50cm 700X500X10mm 70cm x 50cm
600X400X15mm 60cm x 40cm 600X400X10mm 60cm x 40cm
Size Size
1200X1200X20mm 120cm x 120cm 1200X1200X12mm 120cm x 120cm
1200X1000X20mm 120cm x 100cm 1200X1000X12mm 120cm x 100cm
1000X1000X20mm 100cm x 100cm 1000X1000X12mm 100cm x 100cm
900X900X20mm 90cm x 90cm 900X900X12mm 90cm x 90cm
800X800X20mm 80cm x 80cm 800X800X12mm 80cm x 80cm
700X700X20mm 70cm x 70cm 700X700X12mm 70cm x 70cm
600X600X20mm 60cm x 60cm 600X600X12mm 60cm x 60cm
500X500X20mm 50cm x 50cm 500X500X12mm 50cm x 50cm
400X400X20mm 40cm x 40cm 400X400X12mm 40cm x 40cm
500X600X20mm 50cm x 60cm 500X600X12mm 50cm x 60cm
300X300X20mm 30cm x 30cm 300X300X12mm 30cm x 30cm
Size Size
1200X1200X15mm 120cm x 120cm 1200X1200X10mm 120cm x 120cm
1200X1000X15mm 120cm x 100cm 1200X1000X10mm 120cm x 100cm
1000X1000X15mm 100cm x 100cm 1000X1000X10mm 100cm x 100cm
900X900X15mm 90cm x 90cm 900X900X10mm 90cm x 90cm
800X800X15mm 80cm x 80cm 800X800X10mm 80cm x 80cm
700X700X15mm 70cm x 70cm 700X700X10mm 70cm x 70cm
600X600X15mm 60cm x 60cm 600X600X10mm 60cm x 60cm
500X500X15mm 50cm x 50cm 500X500X10mm 50cm x 50cm
400X400X15mm 40cm x 40cm 400X400X10mm 40cm x 40cm
500X600X15mm 50cm x 60cm 500X600X10mm 50cm x 60cm
300X300X15mm 30cm x 30cm 300X300X10mm 30cm x 30cm