Buy lead roll in Israel | buy lead sheet for X-ray protection in Israel

Buy lead roll in Israel | buy lead sheet for X-ray protection in Israel

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All our products have already passed the quality test of the food medicine supervisor management board of the Ministry of Public Health and country. We also get the certificate of ” radiation protective apparatus quality test report ” and” medical apparatus product Register certificate” and “production permit”. Now our company has become the comprehensive professional of the apparatus of radiation protective enterprise.


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We offer a wide range of lead sheets with different thicknesses to meet the demands of any application. Walls, doors, window frames, and more can have lead sheet built into, or added to, them for effective shielding protection.

Lead sheets can be easily bent, shaped and formed for use in many applications. Commonly used medical radiation construction projects, sheet lead can be built into walls, doors and frames to protect medical personnel from gamma rays. It can also be used to stop radiation leakage from cut-outs and penetrations in lead-lined walls.

Sheet lead is also very effective for waterproofing, soundproofing, and isolating/dampening mechanical vibration. It is highly resistant to environmental and chemical corrosion, and so can be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor application. Lead sheeting is exceptionally versatile and easy to work with, allowing it to be bent, shaped, and cut to suit all applications, with no special tools required.

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