Israel Optical Spectrum Analyzers – ניתוח ספקטרום אופטי

Israel Optical Spectrum Analyzers – ניתוח ספקטרום אופטי

ספקטרוסקופיה הנו תחום באופטיקה

אנו מציעים לייזרים, ספקטרומטר, תוכנת ניתוח, עזרים ורכיבים המיוצרים בהתאם לצרכי הלקוח בתחום

אתם מוזמנים ליצור עמנו קשר לקבלת ייעוץ ופרטים נוספים

התקשרו עכשיו

Fiber Optic Spectrometer: It can be used to measure wavelength and line width of laser, LED and common light source, can accurately obtain the spectral characteristics of the light source which is being tested.

Raman Spectrometer:It provides fingerprint spectrum for the substance characterization and identification. Applications: Jewelry appraisal, forensic appraisal, hazardous material detection, etc.

Fluorescence Spectrometer:With high sensitivity, strong selectivity, micro samples and simple operation, it is applied to crystal, rare earth elements and other fluorescence spectrum detection.

Laser Induced Plasma Spectormeter: With the features of rapid and simple detection process, it is widely used in alloy, coal, waste water, waste gas and various fields which is relevant with elements detection.

A/T Spectrum Detection System: Complete equipment which is applied to sample absorbance, use to monitoring chemical reaction process, lens coating transmission band detection.

CRDS Detection System:Long absorption optical path, unaffected by light intensity fluctuation, easy to quantitative measurement, gas concentration variation precision measurement.

TRS Detection System: By measuring the fluorescence lifetime of atom and molecule radiation to obtain the lifetime of excited state, transition probability, collision cross section and other relevant information.

Probe: The Raman/Fluorescence probe with the whole curing optical design, is suitable for samples flexible switching, meets the laboratory and industrial inspection requirements.

Laser Sources: laser has narrow spectral bandwidth, high spectral purity and high wavelength stability, which guarantees the stability and accuracy of the testing results.

Accessories: many kinds of spectrum analysis accessories, such as optical filter, laser power meter, wavelength calibration laser, laser goggles, etc.

Custom Design: R&D ability to develop spectrum analysis system and components based on customer’s requirements.



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